“CH-CH-CH- Changes!” New Star Wars Infographic Which Shows The changes George Lucas Made…

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Last Monday was a big big day for All Star Wars fans well ones with Blu-Ray players when  all the movies where released as one big box set with hours of extras, but was it the ultimate Star Wars Fans dream? Most of them say it is but in this world you cant seem to please  every fan. George Lucas a renowned director who likes  rehash,remake  and now remake with 3d technology  so when the original Star Wars movie was re-released as ‘Episode IV: A New Hope’ did anyone have a idea why he renamed it? Probably not but now we know now and all i’ll say is…Jar Jar Binks!!!

So was the re-release of movie one or part 4 the first time Lucas made changes to his masterpiece? Well according to The Geek Twins its not  and in a excellent well researched infographic we get to see there’s been a whole lotta of changes some you may know  others probably surprise you, check it now!

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