Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Heck! Full Trailer For Paranormal Activity 3!!!

A few days ago we got look at some awesomely scary viral clips from Paranormal Activity 3 the other day and Paramount Pictures(uk) promised The Peoples Movies and they’ve kept to their word, behold a new full trailer for PA3!

Out of The 3 movies the 3rd has been a low key affair but certainly seems the most effective in marketing terms and alot has been highlighted that Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman the duo behind 2010 suprise hit qausi documentary Catfish have taken up the director’s chair(s) with the guidance of Oren Peli as producer.

If you were lucky enough to go to USA and Fantastic Fest the good folks who paid for a midnight screening final show got a big surprise but in a nice way as they were treated to a preview screening of PA3! Believe it or not folks the views from the screening have been very positive  even film sites that are hard to please like The Playlist who gave the movie a 8/10! I think we can say taking the prequel route along with not taking the exact same route expanding on the origins of the demon along with Katie & Kristi where it all began as kids in the 1980’s  instead of the demon moving on to pastures new with another victim.

Paranormal Activity 3 will be possessing a cinema near you from October 21st .