‘Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary……’ 3 New Viral Clips For Paranormal Activity 3!

On Saturday afternoon I watched Killer Elite and I’m a sucka for the previews  but there was one trailer that played that  got a very positive but surprised reaction…Paranormal Activity 3. I like to have a nosey by listening into peoples reactions and what I heard was quite startling most of the people around me didn’t even know there was a third movie but a few did only thanks to reading about it in film websites like The Peoples Movies, so if anyone ever questions that websites/blogs don’t play a part in a movies promotion tell them to think again!

Compared to the last 2 films Paramount Pictures are taking a more low key affair for movie 3 but don’t that put you off as the footage we’ve seen still sending a chill down the spine and now we have 3 new very cool viral clips which send even more chills! The team behind the qausi- documentary Catfish Henry Joost & Ariel Schulman have been given the daunting task of injecting some of that Catfish  ambience intothe movie with Oren Peli on hand as a producer.

It seems traditional now for films to delve into the origins of  the original film(s)  and Paranormal Activity 3 does  that as we head back to 1988 and see how the nightmare began for  Katie (yes she’s back!) and her family! Paranormal Activity 3 will be spooking cinephiles worldwide on October 21st.