Black Metal Documentary Until The Light Takes US Coming To UK On VOD

2010 Variance Films released via the film festivals, cinematicallyUntil The Light Takes Us  the film documenting Norwegian black metal scene history, ideology and aesthetic. To many outsiders Black Metal music scene its an subculture shroud in darkness , ‘sensationalism’ due to the arson attacks, murders that have plagued the scene. Sadly many outsiders like any subculture seem to judge on one or two negatives and Until The Light Takes Us is the first  film to dive into the music’s subculture revealing the movement as a misunderstood scene which does use performance to promote its sound, lifestyle. Black Metal music  is like any other movements it has its individuals  or groups who take things to an extreme bring a bad name to the majority.

Until The Light Takes into the heart of the Norwegian scene interviewing major figures  such as Fenriz of Darkthrone, Varg Vikernes of Burzum, Hellhammer of Mayhem and Frost of Satyricon amongst others.

On 15th September  the movie is going to be available electronically for the first time at Itunes  and Sony Playstation.

You can read our review of the film HERE  

A great piece of work – The Guardian

 Aites and Ewell deal their cards in an unexpected way over 98 minutes… pretty irresistible – Screen Daily

 An expertly made documentary, which teases out a gripping story, refuses to judge its participants and shows how even the most ferocious underground movement can be corrupted and commodified by the media – Empire


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