May 28, 2023

An Infographic Which Tell us The Future According To Film


Some people say television runs our lives, some which is partly true when alot of plan our day around certain programmes, its also the exact same with movies too especially on new releases. Next year just before Christmas the world will end, A certain doctor and his dog try to cure us all of our zombie-vampire hybrid to become that ‘legend’, transport should change in about a few years as we’ll all have hoverboards and talking of televison, prisons are overcrowded well that could be figure of the past as gameshows will be created which will amuse us as the criminals fight to a death or be hunted by ‘gladiator’ style tv stars. So what am I talking about then? I’ve just mention 2012, I Am Legend, Back To The Future Part 2, The Running Man/Rollerball all movies that make up this new cool infographic which tells us all our future through film & TV. Sundays are lazy days for most of us, go through the timeline pick up some interesting facts possibly relate other movies according to the year they where based in, its a great graphic but be warned there is a few spoilers  so tread carefully!

created by @TremulantDesign (via Collider)

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