A New Real Steel 60 Second TV Spot

This Tuesday The Peoples Movies has been invited to a preview screening of Dreamworks Real Steel starring  Hugh JackmanAnthony Mackie, Evangeline Lilly, Kevin Durand, Hope Davis, James Rebhorn with Shawn Levy (date night)directing a story . Real Steel tells the story about 8 foot boxing robots but also the story of a washed out boxer (Jackman) trying to rebuild his life with his son (Dakota Goyo). Since I was young i’ve always seemed to love anything with giant robots or at least robots in it probably the reason I love the old sci-fi flicks and Anime especially Mecha so Real Steel does intrigue me but because of the films Ive seen in the past with robots I might end up with high expectations ruining possible chance to enjoy this one.

Fingers crossed its a good one and its from Dreamworks so we should expect a decent slobber knocker of a movie when it’s out in UK on October 14th (USA October 7th).Fancy winning some tickets for an early preview in london sometime this month? Yes! Check out The Peoples Movies tomorrow to enter, but for now Check out this new 60 second tv spot !

A grit­ty, white-​knuck­le, ac­tion ride set in the near-​fu­ture where the sport of box­ing has gone high-​tech, “Re­al Steel” stars Hugh Jack­man as Char­lie Ken­ton, a washed-​up fight­er who lost his chance at a ti­tle when 2000-​pound, 8-​foot-​tall steel robots took over the ring. Now noth­ing but a small-​time pro­mot­er, Char­lie earns just enough mon­ey piec­ing to­geth­er low-​end bots from scrap met­al to get from one un­der­ground box­ing venue to the next. When Char­lie hits rock bot­tom, he re­luc­tant­ly teams up with his es­tranged son Max (Dako­ta Goyo) to build and train a cham­pi­onship con­tender. As the stakes in the bru­tal, no-​holds-​barred are­na are raised, Char­lie and Max, against all odds, get one last shot at a come­back.



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