“Where Do Babies Come From?…Vodka” Red Band Trailer For THE SITTER

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2011 has been a year of R Rated comedies and looks like 2012 will continue the trend with David Gordon Green’s THE SITTER. After the disappointing  Your Highness, the directors follow up from Pineapple Express and possibly THE SITTER could be the film that may redeem the director from total failure.

THE SITTER stars Jonah Hill as a 20 something slacker with no job whose only talent in life is pleasuring the ladies with cunnilingus. He ends up been coaxed into babysitting the neighbours kids, who are the kids from hell and then during the sitting his girlfriend calls him for drugs and the search for the drugs with the kids becomes one crazy night for all involved.

Like everyone who watches this trailer will certainly see the resemblance in this movies character with Seth from Superbad (now left college), ruder cruder and down with the ladies! I’m no figure of fitness but watching the trailer then watching the intro Jonah Hill has shed alot of weight but could that be his downfall as his appearance is part of the reason people find him funny? Hopefully we will, I enjoyed him in Cyrus and The SITTER does have promise. Curious to know why they went for the rude kids introduction with Hill replying with even more cruder answers! One thing I learned Babies come from Vodka!

THE SITTER also stars Sam RockwellAri GraynorMethod Man,  and Aija Terauda. Movie will released in UK&Ireland from January 27th 2012.