Trailer 2 for ‘Abudction’ starring Taylor Lautner lands online

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A wise man said once “life is like a box of chocolates You never know what you’re gonna get” that man  as you know was Forrest Gump, you could say that quote could sum up Taylor Lautner. After a few years of the mediocre Twilight you don’t know what to expect from the young actor and when someone compared him to a young Marlon Brando I nearly wet myself with laughter, personally I compare him more to plank of wood than the Godfather, no emotion very one dimensional. Let’s be honest if your coming from a overhyped film franchise such as Twilight your going to find it extremely difficult to try pastures new and will probably find yourself typecast most of the time  giving you no chance to develop however director John Singleton seems to have faith in Lautner to make him his lead in ABDUCTION.

What if you’ve spent your whole life thinking you somebody else, your parents are your parents, but what if all that was a big dirty lie?In Abduction Nathan (Lautner) life has been turned upside down when he finds out via a missing person website his parents actually kidnapped him which unleashes a string of  violent events as well as a conspiracy which sees him and his girlfriend go on the run. It’s great how Hollywood can turn an average middle class surban kid into an all action hero able to take out CIA Agents, fire guns, slide down glass buildings?! I wonder how the vastly experienced support cast thinks about been second string to a plank of wood, impressive of cast which consists of   Lily Collins, Danny Glover, Sigourney Weaver, Alfred Molina, Michael NyqvistMaria Bello, and Jason Isaacs.

This movie will certainly please the Twihards of the world but cinephiles could find it hard to swallow their pride and check out a movie with a actor from Twilight as lead! If you want to see this one its out in UK & Ireland September 28th (USA Sept 23rd), check out the new second trailer released online by Apple which does give you a little more of the story but also its a spoilertastic as well so if you cant wait to see Wolfboy give his best impression of Jackie Chan sliding down a glass building I would n’t check this one out.