TIFF 2011: Watch The Official Trailer For Francis Ford Coppola’s TWIXT

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There was a time when a new Francis Ford Coppola movie was a great occasion sadly that was about 20 years ago since then the directors been in the cauldron’s struggling to even creep into a box office near you or finding himself as an executive producer. If you were at Comic Con last week you may have seen this its Coppola’s latest creation Gothic Horror TWIXT.

Been from the UK this is the first time we’ve seen some footage from the movie  and how to describe this footage is intriguing, definitely a B-Horror with a decent cast, very moody weird stuff  though interesting to see the man who brought us Apocalypse Now deals with the flick, a movie he self financed. It maybe good having pumped your own pennys into your own movie giving you freedom to make what you want however  you can get too comfortable resulting in mediocre results. So what’s TWIXT all about and who’s in it?

Twixt tells the story of horror writers career in decline who arrives in a small town to promote his latest book who gets caught up in a murder case , there’s plenty ghosts including some unexpected ones like Edgar Allen Poe! The movies stars Val Kilmer, Elle Fanning, Bruce DernAlden Ehrenreich and Ben Chaplin

No dates have been announced but the movie will make its premier  at this years Toronto Film Festival and via the festival’s youtube page, its  4 minutes in length and certainly gives you a good insight into what to expect.