New One Sheet & TV Spot For Contagion

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I’ve really been enjoying the marketing train for Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion simply because its been slow paced promotion giving you time to soak in what the movies all about and not the usual in your face 24/7 style of promotion. The slow pace really helps build the intensity giving the movie a sense of realism and the more realistic a movie is the more terrifying the movie will be (or at least we hope it is). You maybe thinking this movie is a small time flick but when you see the line up of Kate Winslet, Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Marion Cotillard, Laurence Fishburne and Jude Law this is a big time player.

Last week we gave you 6 new exciting character posters from the movie and today Warner Bros have sent us a new one sheet poster when includes all the movies main cast, its a grunge-esque type style resembling a little like the 28 Days Later posters which this movie  is visually inspired rather than the Dustin Hoffman Outbreak from the 1990’s. Also below the poster is a new short but powerful  tv spot which effectively hits the nail on the head with the grandscale of the  nightmare, enjoy!

“Contagion” follows the rapid progress of a lethal airborne virus that kills within days.  As the fast-moving epidemic grows, the worldwide medical community races to find a cure and control the panic that spreads faster than the virus itself.  At the same time, ordinary people struggle to survive in a society coming apart.