“Oh Mr Darcy!” Is Craig Gillespie Still Directing Pride &Prejudice And Zombies?….Yes He Is!(…Then Again maybe not!)

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We’re only days away from the UK&Irish release of Craig Gillespie’s remake of the 1985 cult horror comedy Fright Night which is coming this Friday September 2nd but news was breaking today that the Australian’s next movie Pride & Prejudice And Zombies the director was pulling out…wrong! Seth Grahame-Smith‘s much loved cult mash up of the literature classic has been in development hell for a very longtime with an endless list of filmmakers coming and going  and Twitch reported Gillespie had enough and was waving goodbye to the project. That was late last night but A few hours ago A Lionsgate  rep via  ShockTillYouDrop is reporting the director is still very much a part of this troubled project though even this updated info is saying nothing has changed several sites like  cinemablend   leaving everyone very very very confused on what is the truth.

This project has had nothing but trouble since day one December 2009 Natalie Portman announced she would produce as well as star in the movie only to drop out of the acting part in October 2010, David O Russell, Mike white where connected to direct then April this year Craig Gillespie got the job. As for the acting side of things everyone from Emma Stone, Mila Kunis, Rooney Mara, Olivia Wilde with Stone the only confirmed candidate though she turned it down but on a positive note the movie may have its Mr Darcy in the shape of Domonic Cooper though news on this is  ‘slim shady’ all you can say there aiming for a cast of young & upcoming actors.

The recent above gossip  should that signal the end of the line for this project? Though people are intrigued with this project and many similar ones but patience is very thin and people may just move onto pastures new  so should Grahame-Smith himself decide to get behind the camera and direct himself? Well if he’s so keen to see his baby on the big screen it may be the only solution but if any of this carbunckle is true you could bet the January 2012 start time for the movie to shoot will certainly be delayed.