New “Main Event” Featurette For Real Steel Starring Hugh Jackman

Dreamworks have released a new featurette for Real Steel which stars Hugh JackmanAnthony Mackie, Evangeline Lilly, Kevin Durand, Hope Davis, James Rebhorn with Shawn Levy (date night)directing. Though I enjoyed The Fighter when it comes to boxing related flicks I just cannot seem to fathom this movie, one minute im really interested next im not despite been fascinated with robots since a early age. I love the prospect of seeing 8 foot robots fighting but I cant pinpoint the reason why im not looking forward to this, if you’ve ever read 2000AD the robots remind you of the ABC Warriors, now there’s a movie I would love to see!

This new featurette goes behind the scene giving us some info on the characters, the story and the use of  motion capture especially in the use of boxing legend Sugar ray leonard. Hopefully the next time we see more footage of this film i will be in a more sombre mood to enjoy this flick when it comes out on 14th October.

Real Steel Main Event Featurette

A grit­ty, white-​knuck­le, ac­tion ride set in the near-​fu­ture where the sport of box­ing has gone high-​tech, “Re­al Steel” stars Hugh Jack­man as Char­lie Ken­ton, a washed-​up fight­er who lost his chance at a ti­tle when 2000-​pound, 8-​foot-​tall steel robots took over the ring. Now noth­ing but a small-​time pro­mot­er, Char­lie earns just enough mon­ey piec­ing to­geth­er low-​end bots from scrap met­al to get from one un­der­ground box­ing venue to the next. When Char­lie hits rock bot­tom, he re­luc­tant­ly teams up with his es­tranged son Max (Dako­ta Goyo) to build and train a cham­pi­onship con­tender. As the stakes in the bru­tal, no-​holds-​barred are­na are raised, Char­lie and Max, against all odds, get one last shot at a come­back.


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