Laurence Fishburne is Perry White in Zack Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL

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With the movie setfor a June 2013 release plus the movies main characters now in place the attention now focuses to the next batch of important characters for Zack Snyders MAN OF STEEL. The latest edition to the cast for the movie is former CSI Star Laurence Fishburne who will play Clark Kent and Lois Lane’s chief Editor boss Perry White.

Fishburne will be the first African American to play White a character who first appeared in Superman issue 7 away back in 1940 which was also the year the character made his debut on the radio show too. White is seen as a abrassive tough man though seen as a fair and ethical person too who after the Kents, Lane, Luthors, is one of the franchise recognisable character  a little like Spiderman’s j jonah jameson. During the Christopher Reeves film era Jackie Cooper played white with Frank Langella the most recent in Bryan Singers Superman Returns.

The choice of Fishburne is a good choice of actor for the part and proves the point that acting ability come before skin colour and Fishburne is an strong actor who can pull his weight  especially around a strong cast. Many will remember the actor for his iconic role as Morpheus in the Matrix Trilogy, Ike Turner in What’s Love Gotta Do With Itsome of you may remember him as the young soldier from Apocalypse Now but most recently as Dr Raymond Langston in Channel 5/CBS CSI (to be replaced by Ted Danson for the new season). This wont be the first time a comic book character has been played by a African American actor with Marvel Comics  Nick Fury Agent of Shield originally played by The Hoff now Samuel L Jackson also Daredevil’s nemesis King Pin played by Michael Clark Duncan for the first time on the screen but in the comicbook he is white, I’m sure there is several other films in similar situations but its all down to acting and sometimes physical appearance too.

Laurence Fishburne  joins Henry Cavil (Superman/Clark Kent), Kevin Costner & Diane  Lane   (Jonathan and Martha Kent), Amy Adams (Lois Lane), Michael Shannon(General Zod), Russell Crowe & Julia Ormond ( Jor-El and Lara). Laurence Fishburne will be seen on the big screen in Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion with Matt Damon, Marion Cottillard and Kate Winslet in November.

source EW