June 8, 2023

Kevin Spacey is ‘The Father of Invention’


Been unemployed  and now for nearly 8 months now boredom is the biggest winner as you struggle to survive as you look for work. One of the ways you seem get  by with is watching endless hours of bad television and no matter what part of the world your from when you get to the wee small hours your ‘entertainment’ comes from  watching endless info commercials. The ads for those so called classic albums’ that the seller reminds us about but when you look at it, why are they in a late night tv ad? You know you dont need these products but what if your looking for that proof that these products are worthless and you dont need, look no further Robert Axele is your man in FATHER OF INVENTION.

Kevin Spacey plays a former infomercial guru whose once great product ‘ de-fingered’ its buyers which landed him jail after ‘it’s design flaw’ . Now 10 years on out the clinks Axle tries to rebuild his life  trying to reconnectwith his now ex-wife (Virginia Madsen) whose now married to Craig Robinson, daughter (Camilla Belle). But Axle was once a one time billionaire so despite trying to rebuild his  life  he also attempts to rebuild his business to become the person was once.

The movie also stars  Heather Graham, Johnny Knoxville, Anna Anissimova, John Stamos, Jack McGee, its coming out in USA on October 14th, no word if the movie is coming to UK but with a movie with a cast like this we should see it possibly as a direct to dvd release. The new trailer is below and was released by Hulu who don’t like anyone outside USA seeing anything the post online in a manner like they have something to hide so if you live outside USA it may not work but Im UK based and was able to watch it however Ive found a youtube version online incase the movie doesnt play.


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