Joel Scumacher’s Trespass Invades Your Internet Space with New Trailer

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Joel Schumacher’s Trespass has certainly got the American critics choking on their Mocha Latte’s on how bad or to be kinder generic looking home invasion flick. The movie stars Nicholas Cage, Nicole Kidman as a wealthy  family (Liana Liberato plays the daughter) whose home is invaded by some nasty criminals played by Cam Gigandet and Ben Mandelson, before you say i’ve spoiled the story wait till you see the trailer which actually gives every shred of the movie away. This movie see’s Schumacher team up again with 2 of his regular acting choices of Cage and Kidman who I see are carbon copies of each other  both once great but have slide down the downward spiral of desperation though occasionally surprise with a great movie or two and now they are at the bottom with Joel Schumacher waiting for them with open arms!

This movie  doesn’t have a release date just yet in UK&Ireland but over in USA it’s getting a very limited release cinematically on 14th October before heading to VOD and DVD so we can assume this movie will be a direct to DVD when it arrives here.

In a private, wealthy community, priority is placed on security and no exception is made for the Miller family’s estate. Behind their pristine walls and manicured gardens, Kyle, a fast-talking businessman, has entrusted the mansion’s renovation to his stunning wife, Sarah. But between making those big decisions and keeping tabs on their defiant teenage daughter, Sarah often finds herself distracted by a young, handsome worker at their home. Nothing is what it seems, and it will take a group of cold-blooded criminals led by Elias, who have been planning a vicious home invasion for months, to bring the Miller family together. When they storm the manor, everyone is tangled up in betrayal, deception, temptation and scheming. Kyle, Sarah and Avery will take the ultimate risk to make it out with their lives — and their family — intact.