Is This Why Magneto Hates Professor X?

Your probably asking why did they do it? Exactly We all love movies with a bit of rivalry  and if done right can bring extra spice to a movie but to actual ridicule your nemesis in a certain is asking for trouble! 31St October X-Men :Last Stand will be released in UK&Ireland and a new  deleted scene from the film has surfaced online which sees Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) Erik Lensherr (Michael Fassbender) visit a local tabledance club to recruit Angel (Zoe Kravitz).As you’ll this scene does drag out a little bit as you see Soon to be Magneto become Dragneto! Could you blame Magneto go against a man who was meant to be his friend?!

This is a gem of a scene! More info on the UK DVD/Blu-ray release here

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