The First Images For WORLD WAR Z Filming In UK

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The Zombies have arrived on British shores, its time to get involved in the war effort! Ok maybe not but Marc Forster’s big screen adaptation of Max Brooks WORLD WAR Z British section of the filming has finally arrived in the south of England in the town of Falmouth.

Its finally great to see this book finally getting the movie adaptation it deserves after several years in development hell and the near collapse of the project altogether. Last month we got our first glimpse of some images from the Malta part of the filming and thanks to the good people at Den Of Greek they bring us the first images from Falmouth, England on board a fishing trawler meant to be somewhere very cold!  There is several other locations in UK with Glasgow next on the agenda for the filming as the city becomes Philadelphia for 2 weeks this month, sadly my audition to be an extra died like a zombie with a bullet in his head, though, stay tuned as I may try get some images from the set, no promises though!

The movie follows a reporter, Max Brooks (the author), interviewing survivors of a zombie apocalypse that nearly wiped out mankind 10 years earlier; those survivors range from soldiers, government officials and mercenaries. He travels the world determined to preserve the survivors’ first hand experience, recording the testimonies of those survivors worldwide.

WORLD WAR Z stars Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, James Badge Dale, Elyes Gabel, Julia Levy-Boeken, Katinka Egres and the cast could possibly could have Bryan Cranston joining them. Hollywood Reporter is reporting the Breaking Bad actor will be joining the movie for a”small but flashy” role but at the moment this is all we know on his possible acting role, but with the movie already deep into filming we may possibly here very shortly if his involvement will be confirmed.