Exclusive: WORLD WAR Z Set Images & Video From Glasgow Location

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Hollywood came to town today, that Glasgow  Scotland’s largest city and only a few miles from The People’s Movies HQ. The World War Z bandwagon rolled into the city centre to the Merchant City area an area blessed with majestic old buildings which portray the city’s proud  industrial history and for the next two weeks it will be pretending to be  Philadelphia.

So why Scotland not Philadelphia?  We can say the tax is one reason, plus Glasgow city centre layout is set out like many American cities in a grid system, a layout not even many British cities do have possibly to do with the city’s tobacco& cotton thread history with USA plus that history does bless the city with a rich history and when you talk about history in USA one of the cities of great importance is Philadelphia! Today I decide to take a little trip into Glasgow to see what’s happen, the actual cast were not around I heard its Wednesday possibly Tuesday which is the day the production team start their part.

As it’s the first day not alot of major changes have been set up things like sinage, road signs, cars(all shipped from the states with registrations from various states), buses, traffic lights have all been giving the American make over, so Ive did my best to go around and take a few snaps from my new snazzy HTC Android mobile along with some video footage too.

In the video footage on part 2of 5 the opening  the street will be the scene of a massive crash, no word exactly on that part of the story but the local residents/business have been warned about the noise level.In video part 5 when I swoop around George Square the building you see around 10-20 second mark they will be taken out and replaced by CGI skscrapers

World War Z   has certainly excited the local residents, it will boost the economy for the city toom, the ironic thing is during the Summer US Airways do have a daily regular flight from Glasgow to all cities Philadelphia! Also all year round Continental/United fly daily to Newark. The buzz today was electric many of the tourists  as well as locals didnt even know this movie stars Brad Pitt! They do now ! What I learned today also was another scene for this movie is possibly going to be filmed on the southwest of the city in the Cardonald area, no word if this is correct, there will be 5 more Hollywood movies heading to Glasgow/ Scotland and speaking to the crew one of those movies will be Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises which we knew was going to Scotland but to North in the Loch Ness/inverness area (3-4 hours away) and its seems Nolan’s scouts visited Glasgow and the same area World War Z is been filmed looks like to play part of Gotham City!

World War Z has been given a December 22nd, 2012 and stars Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, James Badge Dale, Elyes Gabel, Julia Levy-Boeken, Katinka Egres.