Don Cheadle is Captain Planet! (Well For Funny Or Die at least!!!)

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In the era of anything is possible in regards to anything can be made into a movie, one of the recent rumblings  was an live action Captain Planet movie, which will raise a few eyebrows if it does get made. Now the idea of  my environment doing his thing to save the planet may please the Green lovers among us with the rest thinking of the prospect of having to change your underwear constantly any time  we here about the movie and guess what get your clean underwear at the ready as Funny or Die have done the deed and made a trailer! Film parody specialists Funny or Die have proven if your going to make a movie out of anything your opened to be mocked in a parody!! Captain Planet is played by Don Cheadle who looks quite frankly like an overgrown munchkin but dont despair its all for the sake of laughs and if anyone is obssessed with power everyones favourite green superhero certainly loves his power showing even the greenfingers are as corrupt as those they are up against!


source Funny or Die.