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Neil Foot, survival expert at is used to battling the elements and surviving in the most difficult conditions. Similarly Adrien Brody’s new film Wrecked, out on Blu-ray and DVD on Monday, follows a man as he regains consciousness in a wrecked car, trapped, injured and alone with a glove compartment filled with cash and absolutely no recollection of where he is, who is or how he got there and is forced to survive against the elements as he tries to figure out what has happened to him. To celebrate the release Neil has pulled together his top 10 survival tips, just in case you ever find yourself in a similar situation!

To celebrate the release of the DVD The Peoples Movies has joined forces with IndiVision to give you a chance to win a Wrecked Survival Kit, to win that kit answer the following question:


Q.Last month on DVD another Film where the lead star lost his memory after a crash? name that actor who loves “when plans come together” and that film too?

Send your answer, name, contact address to

Deadline for the competition is :Monday 5th September (2359hrs)

(read terms & conditions below)

So what if you find yourself in the same  position as Adrien Brody? Neil has created top 10 tips on how to survive!

1.       Stay calm – Making sound judgments after an emergency can save your life.  Don’t make any rash decisions, assess your situation and then be decisiveStick to your plan.

2.       Make yourself visible – When looking for rescue, brightly coloured material will draw attention. Use this as a flag or spread on the ground.  Put green foliage on fire to produce dark smoke. A mirror can be used to focus and redirect the sun into the direction of potential rescue.  Six blasts on a whistle equals an emergency call.  Stand in a ‘Y’ shape with arms outstretched when help approaches.

3.       Stay with your vehicle – Emergency services will be looking for your vehicle/wreckage, if you leave the initial site of the accident you reduce the likelihood of a swift rescue.

4.       Think about the 4 essentials – To survive we need shelter, water, food and fire. Your circumstances and environment will determine the order of importance these should be placed.

5.       The Rule of 3’s – We can survive 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food, but in the wrong climate, 3 hours without shelter. Protect yourself from the elements at the earliest opportunity.

6.       Finding water – The best time to look for water is in the morning when the dew has settled.  Tie rags around your ankles and walk through the grass/brush, ringing the rags periodically. Find a re-entrant and dig a seep-well down to the water table or make a solar still if you have a clear plastic bag.

7.       Finding food – Be careful – if you’re not sure don’t eat it!  If its brightly coloured it may be poisonous, but then so can the more subtly coloured plants, fungi and berries.  Inner bark of certain trees is high in carbohydrate and pine/spruce needles are high in Vitamin C.  If you get the chance, head to the coast – Molluscs including muscles, limpets and clams are high in protein and are easily harvested.

8.       Navigation – Learn to use the sun and stars to give you your bearings.  Consider geography, terrain, weather and visibility before embarking on any journey.

Top Tip – Point the hour hand of your watch at the sun, half way between the hour hand and 12 o’clock is due south in the northern hemisphere and due north in the southern hemisphere.

9.       Beware of predators – It’s unusual for humans to be targeted by large predators unless the animal sees its territory as under threat, or it is extremely hungry.  Accidents do occur when people tread too close to animals and their offspring.   Always be aware of tracks on the ground, be weary around watering holes.

10.   Be prepared – Nature has all the answers! Learn to read the types of wood that you can use for friction fire; know what’s safe to eat; know how to collect water and how to build effective emergency shelters before you venture out.  Whether you are heading into the mountains, paddling on the water, or moving through the forests, make sure you have the correct training and equipment to do so safely.

Terms & Conditions

  • All enteries must from UK & Ireland
  • You must be 15 years and over to enter the Peoples Movies/Cinehouse has right to refuse entry if suspicous
  • The competition is to win a Wrecked Survival Kit, no cash alternatives or exchanges accepted
  • deadline for comp is September 5th  (2359hrs)
  • one entry per household
  • If you include no contact address, your entry will be avoid.
  •  Peoples Movies/Cinehouse have the right to change,alter or cancel the above comp with no notice.
  • judges say is final
  • The Peoples Movies takes no responsibility for any damaged, late or lost/stolen prizes.
  • all winners will be picked at random and contacted by email


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