2 TV Spots for Nicholas Winding Refn’s ‘Drive’

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Apologies I was meant to post this on Friday but events beyond my control prevented it, but here is the first 2 TV Spots for Nicholas Winding Refn’s Drive starring Ryan GoslingCarey Mulligan, Albert Brooks, Bryan Cranston, Ron Perlman, Oscar Isaac, and Christina Hendricks. 

This stylish 1970’s inspired thriller tells the story of a Hollywood Stuntman by day, getaway driver for hire at night who finds himself a target of Los Angeles biggest criminals after a botched job looks after a wife and child of a criminal inside finding himself doing what he does best drive! Apart from the sleekness this movie has it’s loved by the critics and rightly so but will the general public like it? Possibly mixed but over the years I can see this movie  possibly maturing over a few years and eventually projecting itself as a cult classic in the way movies like The Big Lewboski  has done, simple story big heart, whatever you think not many movies these days can boast a simple plotline as well as be successful.

Drive arrives  in UK&Ireland on September 23rd (USA September 30th).