New UK Poster For THE INBETWEENERS – "Playerzzz!!!"

New UK Poster For THE INBETWEENERS – "Playerzzz!!!"

If your not from a part of the world THE INBETWEENERS television series played ( basically UK & Ireland) you’ll wonder what all the fuss is all about the series big movie adaptation. It’s many television series around the world that maybe massive in their homeland but virtually unknown elsewhere, and THE INBETWEENERS have a unique thing a film which even some of the biggest television programmes that have made it worldwide can’t boast about and that movie will head our way on August 19th.

So what can 4 boys (Simon, Jay, Neil and Will) do now school is over? Become men! the foursome head over to Greece to party Island of  Crete and to Malia living it large or in Jay’s words ” a mental Holiday of 2 weeks of sun, sea,booze, minge, fanny and sex”. If you’ve watched the series nothing goes to plan with these guys and if you’ve been that club 18-30 holiday never take anything for granted!

Via the movie’s official Facebook page a new quad poster has been released which you can check out below and been an ex-holiday rep I’ve worked in many holiday destinations like Malia (Lagana, Zante!) and one sight I used to cringe at was typical young guys wearing football  strips as a fashion item  like Jay in the poster! One of the regular ‘duties’ I performed was either getting guests who wore football strips out of jail after getting themselves arrested due to fighting with rival fans or I had to take them to A&E!

The Inbetweeners Movie stars Simon Bird, James Buckley, Blake Harrison, Joe Thomas,Emily HeadBelinda Stewart-Wilson and Greg Davies with Bafta winner Ben Palmer directing.

missed the trailer? watch it HERE!

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