Naomie Harris To Play Miss MoneyPenny in James Bond 23?

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Rumours are rife in media related industry’s such as entertainment,sports and film and yesterday’s fantastic news of The Kings of of right wing sleaze in British media News Of The World have finally been closed, the trust in the British press has been tarnished by the newspaper. It’s only a small battle won but they’ll have plenty of worthy sleazy candidates crawling from the sewers to replace them so when scoops come from British media there’s going to be some unfair scepticism thrown at the journalists who work honestly from all political parts of the media network. Today  Daily Mail are reporting 28 Days Later/Pirates of The Caribbean star Naomie Harris is in final stages of negotiations to  play an iconic Bond character, Miss Moneypenny.

The actress met with Sam Mendes earlier in the year to discuss possibility of playing the role which has been missing from the “newly revamped” Bond flicks. It will be a welcomed return to the franchise bringing back a little bit of that will they, wont they? love scenario from the classic Bond movies and the report suggests MoneyPenny’s role in the untitled 23rd movie is going to be different from what we expect her role to be. What that means we dont actually know at this moment but it could possibly be that finally Bond will finally get it on with M’s Assistant or She will have a more ‘hands on’ approach in the movie. If the news is correct the confirmation will be made very shortly making her the first Moneypenny since Die Another Day in 2002 from The Pierce Bronson days.

As the report doesn’t come from the most reliable sources in the world a British tabloid newspaper it’s hard to decipher if this report is just old news reposted or there is some truth in the report, the reporter  Baz Bamigoye however has been spot on majority of the time. Report also suggest Javier Bardem and Ralph Fiennes have signed to play in the movie which they state will start filming this autumn but these actors were also connected back when Harris was in talks earlier in the year which have doubters believing todays report is old news rehashed. If there is a shred of evidence despite the problems of MGM with only a few months until Autumn for a movie of Bond’s stature we would already have more confirmation, the movie would have a name plus we would have some indication of the movies plotline