FRIGHTFEST 2011: Watch The 2nd Trailer FINAL DESTINATION 5

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As the world watches the red carpet world premiere of Harry Potter & Deathly Hallows Part 2 as it unfolds but Warner Bros/New Line Cinema have unleashed the 2nd Official trailer for FINAL DESTINATION 5. Death has returned for a fifth time but like four previous times death’s only enemy is premonition but death never lies down and a premonition saves a group of group workers from the tragic event of a collapsed suspension bridge but death will catch you in the end.

The movie has Horror royalty in its amidst with Tony Todd (Night of The Living dead remake, candyman, hatchet 2) with Emma Bell, Nick D’Agosto, Miles Fisher, Arlen Escarpeta, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, P.J. Byrne, Ellen Wroe, Courtney B. Vance,David Koechner. People maybe asking why is it still here?

Simple loyal hardcore fanbase as well as its still money machine for Warner Bros! If your in London next month you can catch the movie at this years Frightfest, if not the movie will be released on August 26th.

In “Final Destination 5,” Death is just as omnipresent as ever, and is unleashed after one man’s premonition saves a group of coworkers from a terrifying suspension bridge collapse. But this group of unsuspecting souls was never supposed to survive, and, in a terrifying race against time, the ill-fated group frantically tries to discover a way to escape Death’s sinister agenda.