EVIL DEAD 4 Finally In The Works Says Bruce Campbell! Do We have a Director lined up?

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Its been nearly 20 years, May 1992 since Evil Dead 3:Army of Darkness appeared and since then fans of the franchise have been waiting desperately for a new film; 2 decades on it seems the wait may be about to end, Evil Dead 4 is coming!!!

The cult horror franchise’s main star Bruce Campbell was questioned by a fan of the movies on Twitter and he replied with great delight:

“Believe in the remake, dog! The project is real. In the works. Cool as hell. Scary as hell.”

Dread Central further reports that longtime  Raimi collaborator /Army of Darkness editor Bob Murawaski has packed up bags and moved to Detroit to start work on the script, describing the new film as “as a small indie thing like the first two”.

The question on the end of many fans tongues is whether the movie will be a prequel? sequel? or a reboot? Bob Tapret, the franchise’s longtime producer, did reveal at the start of this year they were looking at rebooting the franchise and Campbell’s tweet also suggests the reboot is in place. No casting or even word that Campbell himself will be involved, but over at /Film they are saying that Uruguayan film maker Federico Alvarez has been lined up to direct . Alvarez was discovered back in 2009 when his superb short sci-fi Panic Attacks! a movie made with virtually no money; and with Evil Dead 4 planning to be a low budget affair, the faith in Alvarez to do his magic is very high. This is just a rumour  at this stage, counting out Sam Raimi‘s involvement in some form may be a possibility though, as he is working on OZ, The Great and Powerful and it may prevent him getting his hands dirty again on such a precious project.

After years of despair, computer & video games, broadway musicals are you happy to see that Evil Dead 4 is looking  like it will be finally made? What format should it be in, Prequel?Sequel? Reboot? Or should the franchise be laid to rest? Leave your thoughts below after you enjoy the old trailer