Watch Out Neds! The Zombies are Coming To Glasgow, WORLD WAR Z is shooting in the Scottish City This summer!

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After been in development hell for many years and recently been revived and just escaping from been scrapped again thanks to extra funding Marc Forster’s WORLD WAR Z we know is finally going to happen. Now the money is in place the movie is been fast tracked into production and the filming on the movie adaptation of Max L Brooks looks like its about to start sometime this month with Brad Pitt starring as well as producing the movie which so far has Anthony Mackie, James Badge Dale and Mirielle Anos connected. The book is based in Philadelphia however the bulk of the movie will be shot in a location very very close to The Peoples Movies HQ, Glasgow Scotland!!!

Scottish news paper  DailyRecord are reporting the £80million movie will head to Scotland’s largest city for a 2 week stint filming around the city’s George Square in the heart of the city centre which will become war torn Philadelphia with American style cars and shop fronts to be positioned in anad around the the movie will be shot. Already the casting for extra has started with with Casting Collective already looking for thousands of extras to be zombies possibly soldiers, Glasgow isn’t the only place the movie will be shot as London’s Pinewood studios as well as Malta possibly Hungary too.

This is great news not just for Glasgow but Scotland as a whole for economy and World War Z  will join the endless list of movies which have either filmed in Glasgow or Scotland in General. The Scottish government should promote Scotland as an fantastic location for future films, this will help the economy in these dire times, currently in Glasgow Ken Loach is currently filming his latest movie The Angels’ Share which is due out 2012.

With this news announcement I’ve decided to apply to be an extra, as I like to say “why not!” and if unsuccessful since writing this post I’ve already started stocking up essential supplys, boarding up my house in preparation of the zombie uprising using The Zombie Survival guide, World War Z is coming time to be prepared!!!