Warner Bros Considering A Sequel For GREEN LANTERN

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It might be doing okay at the box office and will probably be on the decline, Green Lantern was a perfect example of a comic  book movie went bad. It seems they totaly went off kilter with the actual characters especially  The Parallax which is actually an embodiment of fear rather than the rogue  guardian the movie version went with. It seems Warner Bros are not looking at Green Lantern film as a disappointment despite only taking in around $120million at the box office for a $300million dollar movie, and non stop bad reviews (including ourselves (dexter’s review here).With Harry Potter about to leave a monster gap in the franchise market, Warner Bros are desperate to fill that void and according to  THR Green Lantern may just help fill it.

Before you panic no Warner Bros aren’t looking at the comic book hero as the outright replacement, they see Green Lantern playing a small part of filling up the viod and have already made plans to start work on movie 2. The exact idea of what they see for the Lantern is still very unclear but things have moved to get the second movie up and running but after that is unclear, they might not after all create the movie but they are at least looking at committing but it was reported that a writer was hired last summer looking at creating a 3 film series. The overflow of Comic book movies is at a all time high so possible Warner will look at Captain America movie and judge its success or fail before deciding to march ahead with another movie because frankly many movie goers are getting a little tired of non stop comic book movies (unless your a fanboy/girl!).

Lets be honest the movie was bad, the critics despised the movie but many movie fans actually enjoyed it, alot of Green Lantern comic book fans were disappointed on how there hero was portrayed on screen. The question I like to ask you guys, was Ryan Reynolds the right choice to play Hal Jordan?Personally he was n’t a good choice not convincing enough  but who could play Hal Jordan instead? Good question. Franchises are the way financially for film studios, who will  search hi and low for the next big thing Green Lantern may hellp fill the void a little  but not the final solution we have a possible Tarzan trilogy which could help alot as well and The Lost Years of Merlin too which may bring in alot of Harry Potters fan base. What ever you believe in the prospect of Green Lantern two is an extreme possibility.