Trailer For KILLER ELITE Starring Jason Statham, Robert De Niro

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Jason Statham is making a bit of a name for himself is a decent action star with The Mechanic & Blitz 2 strong movies, now he’s going for three in a row with KILLER ELITE. He does now seem typecast as the action hero but could you picture him doing a family movie or even a animation? Probably not, I also prefer he doesn’t put on a fake accent just be himself hard nut tough guy and as we know some actors are born just to play certain parts.

In his new flick KILLER ELITE he stars alongside Robert De Niro, Clive Owen who Statham is up against not just in a might battle to kill each other but Owen does have a ‘impressive’ moustache! This looks a cheesy but fun no brainer which you’ll not just see Statham trapped to a chair and still kick your ass but you’ll even get De Niro (Statham’s mentor in the film)throw a few punches to remind you there’s still some old magic left in the old boy!

So can you take 3 Statham movies in one year? of course you can! There might 4 as 13 remake is due out this year as well! KILLER ELITE is due September 23rd.

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