Rachel McAdams Forgets Channing Tatum is Her Hubbie in Trailer For THE VOW

It’s amazing we’re just approaching middle of 2011 and already the first trailers for 2012 are now appearing online, last week we had 2 teaser trailers for The Muppets Movie and tonight we have the first teaser trailer for THE VOW.

THE VOW is first of the batch for 2012’s Valentine Day movie’s, sappy, tearful and damn right cheesy enough to get the loving smoochy couples in the mood for the big day. Rachel McAdam‘s is no stranger to the Romantic flick as we watched her in The Notebook (also to be seen in Woody Allen’s Midnght In Paris) then we have Channing Tatum who was in Dear John, so nothing new for both of them in terms of what to do. What seems to happen more in alot of Romantic flicks they throw in a dramatic complicated situation to get the tears flowing quicker and also to show there love is strong no matter what is thrown in front of them.

So whats the story morning glory? The pair play a newly wed couple  Paige & Leo so madly in love (you dont say!) but there love is tearing apart when they are involved in a car accident and Paige get amnesia. Leo doesn’t want to lose Paige he does everything to prove their love and honor that vow  to never leave his wife as she struggles to remember .

When your wife is lying in front of youtrying to remember whats happening  a little tip for the husbands/boyfriends dont wear stuff that remotely looks like a surgeons gown because if she doesnt know who you are she’s gonna think your a nurse or doctor! Typically generic nothing new but if it gets the love blossoming between you and your partner its job done cheesy, but effective!

THE VOW also stars Sam Neill, Scott Speedman, Wendy Crewson, Jessica Lange and will be in a cinema near you from February 10th 2012.

source: Apple

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