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There’s a little saying I like to use when telling people about great world cinema flicks “watch it now before Hollywood rears its ugly head”, basically meaning watch the movie in its original glory before Hollywood gets their hands on it and detroy its integrity with a mediocre remake. The trailer for the movie below is a movie which has has attracted alot of attention since the trailers appeared online  and now its subject to a Hollywood ‘makeover’, watch the UK Trailer for TROLLHUNTER.

TROLLHUNTER ( or Trolljegeren) is the latest of mockumentaries that have sweeped around the globe since Blair Witch project its a chilling visceral ride which takes a old urban myth from Norway (Trolls) and brings humour to a packed sub genre which is at times serious with itself. If you love monster movies which does look a thrilling movie.

Remember I said watch it in its original glory before Hollywood gets its hands on it, Chris Columbus (Harry Potter, Home Alone) has gotten his hands on the rights and in the next few years will be part of World Cinema’s graveyard, the money sesepit called Hollywood. The movie will get its UK release in September 9thhowever if your going to Edinburgh Film Festival the movie will be getting its uk premiere.

Check out The UK Trailer below sent to us fom Momentum Pictures.

Truly original and wildly entertaining, TROLL HUNTER is an epic monster chiller that will make you question your grip on reality. Filmmaker André Øvredal weaves a thrilling and hilarious tale of a group of unlikely heroes who uncover the world of beasts known only to them in stories from their childhood.