300 Prequel Xerxes Retitled 300: Battle of Artemisia, 2 Possible Directors named

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Did you ever expect Zack Snyder’s 300 epic blockbuster to do well? Probably not but it did, raking in nearly $500 million (£390m) on a budget of around $65million so it was much of a surprise when the follow up Xerxes gets the thumbs up to go ahead. Many years have passed now, nothing has been done until recently when the plans were announced but early this year they were dealt with a blow that Zack Snyder wont return to direct but now its getting close to start the ball rolling and shoot the film.

What will be the 300: Battle of Artemisia ‘s story? Based on Xerxes rise to becoming the demi-god entity he was in 300 after the death of his father Darius at the battle of Marathon. Artemisium was the great naval battle after Marathon whilst Artemisia was the only female general  as well as keyplayer in the battle of Salamis so can we expect sea faring battles?

According to Deadline  the movie wont be called Xerxes as this only the working title for the unfinished graphic novel Frank Miller is working on which the movie will be based on, the movie producer have went for  300: Battle of Artemisia.With Snyder not directing the hunt is on for a director and already 2 names have been linked with the task of bringing the story to the big screen and those directors are Noam Murro or Jaume Collet-Serra.

Looking at the 2 candidates Murro’s background seems to be more in comedy with the dramedy Smart People starring Dennis Quaid & Sarah Jessica Parker been his only movie to date as his track record has been in tv commercials. You make asking why Murro? Simple his commercial experience is in working with projects that had a lot of special fx with Halo been a prime example of his most known commercials, the director has also been linked with the Die Hard 5 directors chair too. Collet-Sera’s  it’s been more in horror with House of Wax remake, under rated Orphan and more recently Liam Neeson in Unknown which raked in some extra pennies for Warner Bros, pilot episode of  Oren Peli’s The River he also has Circle and Harker which may run simultaneously.

Despite his lack of feature movies experience Noam Murro is looking good simply down to his commercials experience and with 300 been a heavy relying FX  movie  his expertise  see  him more equipped though Collet-Sera does posses the tv ad/music video experience too. He may not be directing but Zack Snyder will help out in choosing the correct candidate for the movie and he will be producing as well as co-writing the movie’s adapted script.