Matthew Fox & Ed Harris To Star in WORLD WAR Z?

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Yesterday we announced that filming(which starts this month) for Marc Forster’s adaptation of Max Brooks WORLD WAR Z is coming to Glasgow in August today new broke of possible 2 new additions to the cast.  Deadline are reporting that actors Matthew Fox (Lost) and Ed Harris are in talks to join the Post Apocalyptic zombie war movie, which has Brad Pitt, Anthony Mackie, James Badge Dale and Mireille Anos (The Killing). As for what parts they will be playing is unspecified though Bloody Disgusting is reporting Fox’s part is a ‘Parajumper’, so we could say Fox will be one of the miltary characters, French actress Julia Levy-Boeken is also been reportedly onboard too.

Whilst The Zombie Survival Guide gave you the ‘essential basics’ to survive and combat yourself against a zombie epidemic, WORLD WAR Z is the oral history of American soldiers, survivors of the 10 year war with the reporter interviewing them all to be played by Brad Pitt as he try to figure out what happened. With Pitt’s involvement in the movie  is already an indication how much change from the book to film there as the reporter is basically Brooks himself the narrator plus Anos part as Pitts onscreen wife she doesn’t even exist.

What is worrying from perspective is Paramount see the movie as one of their tentpole movies and are targeting a PG 13 (12A), if you’ve read both books you know they are very graphical so the rating been bounced around  would mean the gore violence would be very minimal or even non-existent, it’s all gossip as no exact plot has beenconfirmed and fingers crossed the movie will be at least 15 rating.