VOTD: Films Of Wes Anderson



Just as you kick off the month of April things go that fast before you know it its another new month and that can only mean another fine video montage from Kees van Dijkhuizen. [The Films of ] series has been a fantastic monthly video montage series showcasing 12 of movies best directors and there visual style, something Kees creates with artistic precision, with some great editing along with great song choice.

So This month’s entree is WES ANDERSON who in some ways is similar to last months David Fincher especially when it comes to there movies characters. Both like to distance the characters from the person watching giving you the chance to either form an opinion of that particular like Fincher does but with Anderson he likes to show you a different perspective of the characters in everyday life but with Anderson you usually go back to them as they have a loving persona which viewers of his movies adore.

head over to van Dijkhuizen’s Tumblr post  and get a inside look to how he achieved this video, its fantastic montage work plus we do have another 8 more exciting videos to come! I wonder who will be next?  The clue is theatrical, so any clues guys?

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