18 April 2024

UK Blu-Ray/Cinema News: Artwork & Trailer For APOCALYPSE NOW

New technology as well as advancements in current technology are fantastic, we may moan and groan at the prices taking a great hike but we sometimes dont appreciate them as much.When you combine the technology use it to your  advantage with  a classic movie especially a movie that current generations may have not had the privilege the first time around you open new doors of opportunity. Some movies are made for the big screen only and using that technology you can clean that movie up, re-edit make it look like its been released for the first time and on May 27th in UK & Ireland Francis Ford Coppola’s epic war flick APOCALYPSE NOW is returning to the cinemas for a limited run. The movie has been digitally remastered and if you have been to the cinema the past week the trailer has been playing in the previews and when you see it on the big screen its just looks amazing, when you talk about wow factor this movie has got 100% wow factor!

As well as the original movie (not redux) been released in cinema’s on 13th June the movie is been released in a 3 disc special edition on Blu-Ray, which is full of  extras that will keep any old fan or new fan in heaven. There’s actually more here folks the box set also comes with Apocalypse Now Redux, Hearts Of Darkness the infamous Apocalypse Now Documentary giving you about 9 hours or more in footage! The box set is a wonderful gift for Fathers Days (19 June) or a birthday present for a movie fanatic in your family or why not treat yourself?

Below is the theatrical trailer currently running in UK and Irish cinemas with the release been May 27th so go and see that and remember 13th June buy the Blu-Ray! I’ve also decided to include the actual press release sent to us by our good friends at Optimum Releasing which gives you an in-depth look at what you’ll get for your money with this sensational box set.

Look out for a review coming very shortly!


Directed & produced by Francis Ford Coppola

Written by John Milius & Francis Ford Coppola

Narration by Michael Herr

Starring Marlon Brando, Martin Sheen,
Robert Duvall, Frederic Forrest, Albert Hall,
Sam Bottoms, Laurence Fishburne & Dennis Hopper

Certificate: 15 / Running Time: 153 mins

3 disc Special Edition on blu-ray June 13th 2011

Heralded by many as the film that crystallizes most perfectly the experience of the Vietnam War, Francis Ford Coppola’s hallucinatory masterpiece APOCALYPSE NOW has been painstakingly restored by his own Zoetrope studios under his close supervision, and will be released back in cinemas by Optimum Releasing on May 27th 2011.

Martin Sheen (TV’s The West Wing) stars as Army Captain Willard, a troubled man sent on a dangerous top-secret mission into Cambodia to assassinate a rogue Green Beret, Col. Kurtz ,Marlon Brando(The Godfather, On the Waterfront, Last Tango in Paris), who has barricaded himself in a remote outpost. As Willard ventures deeper and deeper into the wilderness of the jungle, he embarks on a strange journey that leads him to Kurtz – but also forces him to come face to face with the terrifying vision of the heart of darkness in us all.

With an all-star critically acclaimed cast that also includes Robert Duvall (The Road, Crazy Heart, The Godfather Pt I & II), Dennis Hopper (Easy Rider, Blue Velvet), Harrison Ford (The Indiana Jones series) and Laurence Fishburne (The Matrix Trilogy), APOCALYPSE NOW so impressed the Cannes jury when shown as only a work in progress that it won the Palme D’Or that year (tied with Tin Drum). Vittorio Storaro’s stunning cinematography and masterful sound editing from the genius Walter Murch won the film deserved Oscars and were just two of many awards the film has won over the years.

This highly anticipated Blu-ray Disc premieres in 1080P High Definition Widescreen in a 3-Disc Full Disclosure Edition. Also for the first time, these movies will be presented for home entertainment audiences in their original theatrical aspect ratios (2.35:1). The 3-Disc Full Disclosure Edition will include Apocalypse Now and Apocalypse Now Redux with more than nine hours of bonus material including new interviews with on-screen and behind-the-scenes talent, as well as the acclaimed making-of feature documentary Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse. In addition, this version features a 24-page collectible printed booklet created including an introductory letter written by Coppola with personal accounts about the making of the film.

The Collector’s edition also features extracts of the original screenplay with handwritten notes by the legendary director, original drawings of the film’s storyboard, never-seen-before photos and memos sent to the cast and crew during shooting, and also the 1979 original Theatrical Program.

Moreover, this edition contains 5 Exclusive postcards including behind-the-scenes photos taken by famed American photographer, Mary Ellen Mark.

Box-set tech specs:
Cert: 15 / Total Running Time: 572 mins approx / Catalogue No: OPTBD2067 / RRP: £29.99

Disc 1: Apocalypse Now feature / Apocalypse Now Redux feature / Audio commentary by Francis Ford Coppola

Tech specs:
Features running time: 153 mins / 202 mins / Colour PAL / Feature Aspect Ratio: 16/9 2.35 / Video: BD50 / AVC / Feature Audio: 5.1 DTS Master Audio
English Language

Disc 2: Interview with John Milius (49 mins) / Interview with Fred Roos (casting Apocalypse) (12 mins) / A Conversation with Martin Sheen and Francis Ford Coppola (60 mins) / The Mercury Theatre on Air: Hearts of Darkness Nov 6 1938 (37 mins) / The Hollow Men (17 mins) / Monkey Sampan ÒLost SceneÓ (3 mins) / Additional Scenes (27 mins) / Kurtz Compound Destruction with credits (6 mins) / The Birth of 5.1 sound (6 mins) / Ghost Helicopter Flyover (4 mins) / Apocalypse Now: The Synthesizer Soundtrack by Bob Moog (still images) / A Million Feet of Film: The Editing of Apocalypse Now (18 mins) / The Music of Apocalypse Now (15 mins) / The Sound Design of Apocalypse Now (15 mins) / The Final Mix (3 mins) / Apocalypse Then & Now (4 mins) / 2001 Cannes Film Festival: Francis Ford Coppola (39 mins) / PBR Streetgang (4 mins) / The Colour Palette of Apocalypse Now (4 mins) / Disc credits

Tech specs:
Total running time: 323 mins / Colour PAL / Feature Aspect Ratio: 16/9 or 4:3 / Video: BD50 / AVC / Feature Audio: 2.0 Stereo DTS / English Language

Disc 3: Hearts of Darkness feature / Audio commentary by Francis and Eleanor Coppola / John Milius script excerpt with Francis Ford Coppola notes / Storyboard Collection / Photo Archive: unit photography, Mary Ellen Mark photography / Marketing Archive: original trailer, radio spots, theatrical program, lobby card and press kit, photos /

Tech specs:
Feature running time: 96 mins / Colour PAL / Feature Aspect Ratio: 16/9 1.77 / Video: BD25 / AVC / Feature Audio: Stereo 2.0 DTS Master Audio / English Language

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