The Trailer For COLOMBIANA starring Zoe saldana



“Never Forget Where You Came From” the mortal words a father tells his daughter before he’s killed, that 10 year old girl been Cataleya played as a adult by Zoe Saldana, the movie been COLOMBIANA. Below is the new trailer released by Colombia Pictures for the new revenge movie from Olivier Megaton with Saldana playing a woman who witness the death of her parents 15 years earlier and now working as a hitwoman by day and at night dishing out the sweet pain of revenge on those who killed her parents. It looks silly slick fun movie which is coming out in a year where most of the best movies of 2011 have been those fun popcorn movies it could do well.

When it comes to revenge movies ala Hollywood Luc Besson (he co written this) is man to get behin the project, he brought us Leon, La Femme Nitika and Taken so revenge, action and pure silly fun you’ll do good. Talking of Taken, Taken 2 as we know is going to be made with Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace onboard has now moved to Fox and Colombiana’s director Olivier Megaton has been confirmed to direct.

COLOMBIANA also stars Michael Vartan, Callum Blue, and Cliff Curtis with no word yet on a UK&Irish release date but for USA the movie will be released September 2nd.

A young woman grows up to be a stone-cold assassin after witnessing her parents’ murder as a child in Bogota. She works for her uncle as a hitman by day, but her personal time is spent engaging in vigilante murders that she hopes will lead her to her ultimate target – the mobster responsible for her parents’ death.

[viddler id=b1138c9f&w=604&h=381]

A big thanks to Colombia Pictures for sending us this trailer