Kurosawa's Masterpiece Seven Samurai Remake Gets Green Light and British Director

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It’s regarded as one of the top 100 greatest ever movies ever made so it’s no surprise that another remake is on the cards and now Seven Samurai remake has now got a director. Akira Kurosawa’ s Seven Samurai has spawned many remakes since it release in 1954, The western classic The Magnificent Seven been the most notable and according to Variety British Director Scott Mann (The Tournament) is the man responsible in bringing a contemporary version back to the cinema.

As the movie is a classic movie purists maybe angry that the movie is once been remade but in an era” if nots not a comic book movie,  it’ll be a remake!” it’s no surprise the movie is coming to the cinema once again. Some people may ask why Scott Mann? A film maker whose last movie was a direct to DVD releae starring Robert Carlye in a last man standing Tournament? Sounds alot like Seven Samurai to me but you could argue if a masterpiece is been remade should n’t the job go to a big director? Possibly but where any of the ‘big’ directors interested, do have space to do it? Or would they be suitable for the movie too?

It’s reported that The Weinstein Co who have behind in bringing this movie back to the big screen and Mann will have $60million for the movie which shows they mean big business here. Don’t expect a straight forward remake here as it looks like the samurai sword will be replaced by the machine gun and the Japanese warrior been replaced by the Thai warrior as they plan to make a modern retelling with a Northern Thailand village who hire 7 paramilitary contractors from around the world, what concerns some people making this a modern day movie its sounding a bit like a Rambo movie now but a movie that introduced Hollywood to the basic story plot which inspired everything from Dirty Dozen to Ocean Eleven doesn’t it deserve something better?

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