Here's What You Get When You See A Movie Before The Americans Do



On Wednesday afternoon I watched THOR which has now been running 5 days (not including last easter mondays previews), Nine days before the movie arrives in American cinemas. I dont have a problem who sees what  first as well long as the movie shown but sadly there is some people in the world who seem to have a problem with it.

As result of getting to see a movie before USA all movie posters in the cinemas as well as some billboards, bus shelters have had there posters removed and replaced by an offensive Copyright poster and that all screenings will be monitored.

Let’s get one thing straight here we do not support piracy here at The Peoples Movies and the film studio’s fears of piracy is totally understandable but this poster seems that the film studio may not have alot of faith in the British & Irish Movie fans when they use these posters. The internet is a great thing but sadly it is a haven for copyright theft and movies are probably the biggest abused media, but sadly instead of the movie studio targeting British & Irish movie fans a cam version of the movie has made its way online and guess what its not British but Russian!

So the question we could ask will this poster be shown in American Cinemas or was this a ploy to annoy movie fans outside USA? Let’s also be realistic here there no specific one country worldwide that is the biggest abuser of copyright every country has there fairshare including UK, Ireland and USA, yes there is some do it more than others but to target just one country is a little unfair.

The Question people could ask is this marketing ploy just another unfair dig at UK&Ireland, plus other countries who get to see a blockbuster movie before USA? It’s hard to say but remember last year Kick Ass was shown USA and there was a bit of a outcry why them not us type moan?You need to ask the film distributors that question as UK distributor wasnt the same as US one and this year we have seen the trouble with Terrence Malick’s Tree Of Life and if things never kicked off this Friday 6th May British & Irish fans would have been watching the movie before American film audiences who will see the movie on 27th of this month. If the movie was released on 6th May it would have meant the movie wouldn’t have been a premiere at Cannes Film Festival who weren’t actually as bothered as the American film distributor who now threaten legal action. Sadly the news was greeted by shock by movie blogs/sites though some of movie fans greeted the news as great news or on a comment on a blog we shall not name out of respect one of there readers said it “was justice for true movie fans, American movie fans” thanksfully that blog removed the offensive comment.

What is ironic ATTACK THE BLOCK was premiered in USA but wait a minute its a British Movie shouldn’t it have been shown in UK first rather than USA? Was there similar posters used like THOR poster? Probably not. I have been asked by 1 American based movie marketing company to remove reviews as I’ve broken the stipulations, I asked why there reply was its not out in USA yet and I should know there was an embargo, though after I made my point they soon realised not every movie website and blog are American, The Peoples Movies is  Scottish based movie blog like our sister site Cinehouse. Those complaints from  the American PR where coming from several American blogs whose privacy was kepted.

Sadly due to a minority of movie fans worldwide who beleive American should be the first place All movies should shown first which isn’t right, but like majority of movie fans worldwide they couldn’t care less who gets it first they just want to see the movie. So even if the movie is shown first in USA who cares? Use it as a positive as reviews stateside will come first which gives all movie fans a earlier view if a particular movie is good or not. I look forward to the day when a new movie is released worldwide on the same day, if its not do we care no, as long as we know it will arrive in our country one day thats good enough for me.

Below is that image of the now infamous Thor poster, I attempted to take a snap of the poster on my phone as I made my way up to 5th floor (yes 5th floor of 6) where the movie was been screened unfortunately I was stopped by a member of that cinema and was informed if I did take that image even the poster below I will liable of copyright theft. Dont despair the guys at Bleeding cool were able to take it and its below.