CANNES 2011:Embark on a 'deadly' RETREAT, Trailer starring Cillian Murphy, Thandie Newton, Jamie Bell

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Back in August we Told you about Carl Tibbetts upcoming directoral debut RETREAT a pyschological Horror thriller starring Cillian Murphy(28 Days Later, Inception), Thandie Newton(2012, Crash) and Jamie Bell (Billy Eliott, The Eagle). We told you about the movie about to start shooting last October and thanks to Shadow and Act whose eagle eyes have found what looks like a promo trailer which you can check out below.

Murphy & Newton play a couple who escape to a remote island to try resurrect there crumbling marriage after a family tragedy only for the peace to be shattered by a unknown solider(Bell) washed up half dead on the shoreline telling them a lethal  airborne virus has wiped out half the population spreading through Europe! looking at the trailer and reading what has been said about this movie you can see elements of 28 Days Later, even Antichrist (wrecked marriage through tragedy) that works on your mind and despote the low budget look it does look an intriguing film.

Sony are distributing the movie in North America no date has been scheduled as with UK& Ireland as there’s no distributor though that may change next week at Cannes Film Festival as this movie is getting a international buyers screening.

Murphy and Newton play a couple who travel to a remote island cottage, in an effort to focus on putting back the pieces of their broken marriage; their plans are altered by a wounded and armed stranger (Bell), who shows up at their door, carrying news about a deadly airborne virus; the trio, in the interest of survival, seal themselves inside the cottage, and, as you’d expect, like caged animals, tensions rise from the psychological to the physical.