Bradley Cooper To Play Lucifer? Check out New UK TV Spot For THE HANGOVER Part 2

If it ain’t Jake Gyllenhaal the man of the moment seems to be Bradley Cooper the man with the ‘limitless’ million dollar smile. Last month he was connected to play the crow in a new remake which seems to be plagued with lawsuits, delays which now looks more like filming 2012 rather than be delayed. Now for Legendary Pictures the studio that released The Hangover want Cooper to star in Alex Proyas movie adaptation of John Milton’s 17th Century Poem PARADISE LOST, but no ordinary character they want him to play Lucifer!

The Poem tells the story of the epic war in heaven between archangels Michael and Lucifer including the latters role in Adam and Eve’s fall from grace.

You can go back to September 2010 when Alex Proyas  was connected to this movie, Alex who also was the director of the original Crow  and like the Crow remake hasn’t been shy of a few problems too. There seems to have been a rotating door on the scribe front with a number of writers have come and gone like Lawrence Kasdan (Empire Strikes Back), Stuart Hazeldine, Phillip De Blasi, Byron Willinger but now new writer Ryan Condal has the task of bringing this epic tale to the big screen.

Cooper has made it clear as in acting roles he wants to be as diverse as possible in his choices but when you here that the movie is been aimed for a unglorious 3D action flick with loads of aerial fights, it sounds like there going for a cheesy fun type movie rather than the serious, the type of Bradley Cooper has been doing. When you include 3D into a movie the serious literture  part of the movie goes right out the window and even though Lord Of The Rings trilogy are  fantastic movies when you here fellow bloggers call Paradise lost  in the same vein its totally absurd. One thing we can certain the religious side of things dont expect Hollywood to do down that route as the last time they did it, Golden Compass was a disaster destroying what could have been a great movie.

So what do you think guys Bradley Cooper to play old Nick, Lucifer? leave your thoughts below in the comments section and before you do that check out a new UK TV Spot For THE HANGOVER Part 2 starring Bradley Cooper.

source Variety  / Youtube

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