4 Awesome New HORRIBLE BOSSES Posters

Is it me or does 2011 look potentially to be the year of the laughs? Apart from the odd hiccup it seems, that it is going to be a great year for comedies; with The Hangover Part 2 out next week, the following month Bridesmaids, 30 Minutes or Less, Crazy Stupid Love, Bad Teacher and this one HORRIBLE BOSSES. There’s loads more comedies heading our way, but after several years of so called big action blockbusters, the underdogs of ‘Horrible Bosses’, certainly looks like one we should check out.

While many of the so-called big hitters haven’t been living up to their hype, indications from early previews in the USA have been very positive. This is great news, as movie goers have been crying out loud for years, for a decent comedy full of belly laughs. Horrible Bosses does look to be a little more darker than the other comedies, as the movie’s plot revolves around employees conspiring to kill their bosses; rather than play a trick or just plain old revenge. When our unlikely heroes: Jason Bateman, Jason Sudekis and Charlie Day (our protagonists who look to nice to do anything nasty), hire the services of a certain Mother fucker Jones (yes that’s his name), played by Jamie Foxx, you really want to check this movie out.

That buzz for the movie that is building up, will surely increase when you check out these awesome new posters; which bring a bit of style along with more humour and really help build that momentum. I’m not a fan of Jennifer Anniston, but she looks hot in this poster (I’m deep down slightly jealous of Charlie Day’s character!) and I can’t wait to see this movie which will be with us on July 22nd with the US release 2 weeks before, on July 8th.

Horrible Bosses also stars Kevin Spacey, Colin Farrell, Julie Bowen and Donald Sutherland.