We're Moving Soon (new host, same address)

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Little bit of news upfront concerning the website. Possibly over the weekend we maybe moving to another host so things might be a bit all over the place on the day we movie. When we do do expect things to look a little all over the shop but in the end it will be better for this site we move to another host, so why are we doing it?

We appreciate what WordPress has done for us we’re greatfull but now due to the stipulations, rules of wordpress its restricting the expansion of the blog. Some trailers there embeding code (thats what lets us post trailers) is not allowed in WordPress best example is trailers from IGN not allowed in WordPress because it poses a security threat, fair enough but what shall i do when out of say 10 similar sites we’re the only blog not posting it?

One other reason is we’ve received alot of exclusive content but due to the html code used in the content we cant use it and yes wordpress dont allow it! widgets we need to improve yourexperience at the blog i think you can guess why? yes wordpress dont allow it!

So it is the logical step to move to another host we’re hoping sunday or monday, there will be some disruption and when do movie over it may take a few weeks to establish a new look for the blog (guess what wordpress blocked that as well) and everything will be back to normal. no need to change urls as the address will stay the same www.thepeoplesmovies.com!