THUNDERCATS Are Go! Watch The New Thundercats trailer

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Thunder – Thunder, THUNDERCATS Are Go! A new trailer for classic 1980’s tv animation Thundercats which is making its return to television has released a second trailer which premiered at Wondercon over the weekend, check it out below.Is it me doesnt it look a tad like Lord of The Rings?

Though there will be a mixture of fantasy swordplay & science as lion-o and the rest of the cats take great quest of fabled stones of power learning valuable lessons in loyalty, honor and mortality in every episode. On the panel was vocie actor Larry Kenney who played the original Lion-O was will now voice claudius Lion-O’s Father, Clancy Brown (Highlander, Lost) will voice Grune the Destroyer, Robin Atkins Downes will voice the mighty mumm-ra. Apart from the character design one of the other differences will be Snarf and how he communicates and he will do that with animal sounds which Lion-O will understand it will be compared to the way Han Solo and Chebacca communicated.

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