Ruger Hauer Thinks Christopher Nolan Should Direct the 'New Blade Runner'

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Blade Runner is one of those sacred cult movies anyone would dare attempt to touch again to reboot, remake or even consider creating a sequel, movies fans unite usually when a classic movie is getting the possible reboot/sequel/prequel theres an out cry and 99% we dont blame them. But now its really hard to decipher if these remakes, sequels or prequels are just are another excuse for studios to ine there pockets with gold or an actual attempt to create an actual decent movie either explaining the origins or a closure of a story.  Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner recently announced they’ll be a new movie with Alcon Entertainment buying the rights, but new word has been released on who will direct this version but Alcon would love Scott to comeback.

There never really been clarified if this movie will be a sequel or a prequel and Ridley Scott actually commented on the original movies 25th anniversary dvd in 2007 that he considered a potential sequel:

“I think there could be a sequel to [Blade Runner]. There is clearly a story in the sequel. It probably keys off with Edward James Olmos’ line when he says ‘It’s a pity she won’t live. But then who does.’ And of course I think they’re both [Deckard and Rachael] replicants, so that’s a pretty good starting block for us.”

Now Hero Complex caught up recently with one of the movies stars Rutger Hauer who played Roy Batty in the movie, they asked him on his thoughts on the possible second movie during Hobo With A shotgun promotion:

“If Christopher Nolan would be on it I’d say, ‘All right, go for it!’ But otherwise you can’t do it. ‘Blade Runner’ is such a unique film. How do you describe a diamond? I don’t think you should ever touch it again.”

With Nolan’s work schedule virtually full for the next few years with the next Batman installment, Howard Hughes biopic its hard to actually see where Blade runner could fit into his schedule and the movies producers have already called the director their ‘pie in the sky choice’ as its unlikely to happen.

So would Christopher Nolan be a good choice of director if it did happen? I just have that sense of over excitement here in the way  Tron:Legacy did, so much antcipation  taking the level of expectantcy way above what it should be  and if and when this second movie appears I do fear we’ll be dissapointed. But who could you look to making this movie? It will be a big burden on whoever takes the relm due to popularity of the original masterpiece the movie has inspired so many filmmakers but there is one we can think of who could do a job….Duncan Jones? The other question i’m quite surprised that no one has spoken about is why are they actually considering making Blade Runner 2?

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