18 April 2024

Matt Reeves Back For more Vampires With THE PASSAGE

It seems Matt Reeves cant enough of the old vampires as it now seems he’s about to get his teeth into another vampire movie with THE PASSAGE. Last week we found out he will be tackling 8 O’Clock In The Morning  the short story that John Carpenter’s They Live was adapted from and now he’s tackling Justin Cronin‘s a story which sees mankind accidently creat a host of vampires that nearly wipes us out.The movie was originally a project Ridley Scott was to direct but now due to certain circumstances Reeves will take over with what could possibly be his biggest project to date and will be a test of his character if he’s ready to step up another level.

There’s no indication if 8 O’Clock in the Morning or The Passage will be made first but John Logan (Hugo Cabret, Rango, the Aviator) has created a script for this movie which is been described as a cross between 28 Days Later & Stephen King’s The Stand , but at this moment Logan is working on the new James Bond movie, but you can assume Reeves will want his own scripter in place.

The Passage’s actual story sees terminally ill patients become healthy due to bites from South American bats turning them into blood thirsty telepathic monsters who even effect death Row inmates creating a post Apocalyptic world. On the surface you could say The Passage sounds like Park Chan-Wook film Thirst but do know the world will become a barren post apocalyptic wasteland and so the The Stand/28 Days Later scenario sounds a exciting project. Its going to be a grander scale and one we’ll wait for with excitement and in true Lloyd Grossman stylee ‘Lets Look At The Evidence’ our bets are on for The Passage to be made before 8 O’Clock In The Morning for the simple reason is theres a  solid script already place.


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