Hi Ho Silver Away! Ryan Gosling To Star In Lone Ranger With Johnny Depp?

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Hi Ho Silver Away! It’s looking like Ryan Gosling may be joining the cast of Disney’s, THE LONE RANGER, alongside Johnny Depp. The actor is in negotiations to star as The Lone Ranger’s faithful sidekick, Tonto. The Wrap, who are reporting this story, say that the actor is in talks; but his stumbling block could be his schedule, as filming is set to start around Autumn time and will clash with the Logan’s Run remake.

When this project took ground, the lead role was originally rumoured to be George Clooney, with possibly Brad Pitt involved; but this was denied by Jerry Bruckheimer(movies producer) as just speculation. Though it seems this rumour was merely something mentioned by Johnny Depp and Bruckheimer who just wanted a director in place first, which is now Gore Verbinski.

The Verbinski version of the George W. Trendle’s classic old-time radio and television show, sees the movie as a Don Quixote style story, with Tonto actually acting as the movies narrator. The original story revolves around a masked Texas Ranger who survives a deadly ambush of outlaws, he has a native American sidekick, Tonto and a faithful horse called Silver.

When you look at this project it has Johnny Depp written all over it and with the Pirates Of Caribbean team working as the crew, they’re making damn sure that this movie will be a success. As for Gosling, in the role of Tonto, this could work like Depp. He’s a versatile actor and the pair would work well with each other and bring a sense of fun, in what is a happy type, adventure film. With the right support cast The Lone Ranger will probably be a success. Personally, I would like to see Ryan Gosling choose Logan’s Run as it could be his big break as a main lead actor, instead of a supporting actor.

source The Wrap