First Trailer For OUR IDIOT BROTHER Starring Paul Rudd

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The first trailer for comedy MY IDIOT BROTHER has debuted online for your viewing pleasure. The movies see Paul Rudd in a rare lead role as a scruffy-bearded man who just can’t stop getting himself into crazy daft situations like selling drugs to a Policeman (in uniform!) and he does have a dog called Willie Nelson! But what he does do the most is annoy his three sisters barging their lives so much though when you watch the trailer you feel sorry as well as frustrated with him at the same time. Nothing spectacular in the humour department hopefully they’re keeping the good bits for the movie.

A juicy looking cast for this movie which includes Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Steve Coogan, Zooey Deschanel, Rashida Jones, Emily Mortimer, Adam Scott, Hugh Dancy with Jesse Peretz directing.

No confirmed date yet for UK & Ireland but My Idiot Brother will open in USA on August 26th.

Ned Rochlin (Rudd) looks for the good in every situation and in everyone, which often puts him at odds with the world around him – especially his family. Upon being released from jail for a stupid mistake, Ned is kicked off of the organic farm he lives and works on by his ex-girlfriend Janet (Hahn) who also insists on keeping his beloved dog, Willie Nelson. Having nowhere else to go, he turns to his family, three ambitious sisters (Banks, Deschanel, Mortimer) and an overbearing mother (Knight). Ned crashes at each of their homes, in succession, and brings honesty, happiness and a sunny disposition into their lives. In other words, he wreaks havoc.

source: Weinstein Brothers