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If you thought Snakes In Planes was bad, the creator of that trash is back what looks like possibly more trash SHARK NIGHT 3D. David R Ellis new movie he promises to be a fun thrill ride, which will be just ridiculous , full of Television cum D-List actors especially girls in scantly clad bikini’s giving themselves up for some cgi sharkbait.

If this movie follows the route of the recent Piranha 3D movie we could have another no brainer fun movie on our hands, though the difference is that movie had known b-stars in it this one is unknowns. This looks like more evidence why 3D movies are money spinning rip-offs, though if James Cameron has his way 2-D movies will become the luxury not the 3D ones!

This movie will be out in USA on September 2nd, nothing yet on the UK/Irish date though we do like it like that! Sara Paxton, Dustin Milligan, Chris Carmack, Joel David Moore and Katharine McPhee  all star in this bizzare movie.