Check out The PRIEST 3D Trailer Challenge Winners Trailers


Sometimes the actual movie may not needmuch to really sell it as what the movie is about does the trick but most of the time the first impressions of a movie are its trailers. Like anything first impressions mean everything in business and if a trailer can sell you that movie is the key to the sucess of the movie at the box office but the art is in how you present that trailer.

What footage will you use? how to edit it, what music/sound shall we use? some of the important factors to think about when creating the trailer get it right, you’ll be on the way to a nice box office return.

Sony Pictures recently gave 3 London based film student a chance of a lifetime to recreate there own version of the PRIEST 3D trailer over in Hollywood. What motivation do you need when your a wannabe filmmaker when one of your future employers hands you that chance of a lifetime to recreate something ans then present it in Hollywood in front of the stars, studio and director of the movie.

Today Sony Pictures unveiled the 3 students final trailers and the trailers come sxclusively from our friends at LiveforFilms and below the trailers is 10 minute feature the students story too.