Bradley Cooper To Play THE CROW?

It was only last week 28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo was announced by Relativity Media that he will helm the remake of THE CROW, the 1994 cult movie based on the comic by James Barr. The movie was originally planned to be remade by Stephen Norrington with Mark Whalberg rumoured to play lead role but like alot of Hollywood movie ideas they wilter and dissappear of the face of the earth, until last week. Now that a director is in place the rumour mill steps up a gear to see who plays the lead role and Heat Vision are reporting that Bradley Cooper is in negotiations to play that part about a rockstar who is killed who is killed trying to save his girlfriend but is brought back to life with superpowers.

Heat Vision say Cooper is currently in Spain talking to Fresnadillo and the talks are in early stages but nothing is set in stone yet but the shooting for the movie is possibly due to start this autumn so things will speed up over the summer months if hes picked. Cooper does seem to like that cocky confident type character and he pulls it off well with his current movie Limitless a perfect example, he also seems to be targetting the superhero parts recently, like Green Lantern which he auditioned for and there’s even a chance he could be Flash too. So maybe Crow could be that perfect character he yearns for a broody, violent intense character, as they say things happen for a reason, so maybe missing out on Green Lantern could be setting him up to play the Crow?

So what do you think, Bradley Cooper to play The Crow?