A New Image & Footage of The Cure's Robert Smith oops! Sean Penn in THE MUST BE THE PLACE

Either Sean Penn has a big secret which has come out that hes a crossdresser, you could be mistaken this movie is about Robert Smith of The Cure the seminal 1980’s rock band but we’re wrong. The latter was sort of right he is playing a rock star but a retired one in Paolo Sorrentino’s Cannes Festival bound THIS MUST BE THE PLACE. There has been a few on set images been around for a while but above is the first offical image which itself has been around the past week but what is new is the clip/montage which shows some of the movies first footage.

Penn is playing a ageing retired rockstar who  sets out to find his father’s executioner, an ex-Nazi war criminal who is a refugee in the U.S. A  and this movie does have a real dark edge to it as well as reap of typical Penn, determined character to prove something or get a goal and that goal been his father’s killer. Also in the video we see a video for Penn’s character’s fictional band The White Make Up! Try see if you think Sean Penn is singin or lip synching to David Byrne / Will Oldham who are working on the movies soundtrack.